A Swansea Child

A Swansea Child is the new Rumsey Bucke novel, the third in the series. Published October 2021

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It is February 1881, just a few short months since the collapsing mine brought an end to the horror of the church of Our Lady of Mumbles.
But Swansea is still a troubled and dangerous place, full of dark secrets.
Chana, heiress to a fortune, rescued from revolution overseas, was brought to the town as a child, for safety.  Now her father has arrived to reclaim her. But no one knows who Chana is anymore or where she might be.  And Swansea is a terrible place to be a child.
Does Chana know who she really is? Is Chana still alive? Or was she buried on the beach like so many others?

A child is a commodity to be bought and sold, their life is nothing more than a struggle for survival, defined by disease and death. Can anyone ever be rescued from this? Can anyone change their life and so find a new beginning? Can diamonds still be found amongst the ashes?

The macabre murders of young boys brings a new terror to the town and in an atmosphere of fear and paranoia, when women are also  attacked brutally at night,  Inspector Rumsey Bucke tracks a heartless killer. 

The novel ranges across the whole of Victorian Swansea, from Hafod to Sandfields, from St Thomas to St Helens, from Dyfatty to Mumbles, and all the while an abandoned, lonely, child pushes a pram endlessly through the streets..

The book explores the themes of identity, childhood and love, set against the vivid backdrop of a troubled town, where hope is a fragile flower, clinging desperately to life in a hostile world.

It has been described as Gripping…satisfyingly complex…intricately plotted…a persuasive picture of the hidden life of a Victorian town (Welsh Country Magazine)

A Swansea Child – from Chapter 8. If you would like to read an extract from the book, click here to read about Rumsey Bucke’s visit to the theatre…

I have also created a Flip Book of the first Chapter that you can read absolutely for free by following this link

The Rumsey Bucke Series so far

1 In Knives We Trust – in June 1880
2 Our Lady of Mumbles – in November 1880
3 The Swansea Camel (novella) Christmas Eve 1880
4 A Swansea Child – in February 1881
5. Patagonia Jacks – in October 1881

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