Swansea in 50 Buildings

We have now sold out of copies on this website. However, it is still available on Amazon – see below for a link.

When Dylan Thomas said that Swansea ‘has more layers than an onion and every one can reduce you to tears’ he was not referring to its history, but rather to his emotional connection with his birthplace. Nonetheless, it is the perfect expression of Swansea’s past which has so many different layers, which  is illustrated perfectly in the buildings which surround us and which represent our history in a physical form.

The book is arranged chronologically, beginning with our earliest surviving buildings – Swansea and Oystermouth Castle – and then progressing through the centuries. It includes The Cross Keys, The Equatorial Observatory, The Ice House, The Ragged School, Joe’s, Verdi’s, The Liberty Stadium – 50 Buildings which form the backdrop to our daily lives and which have such fascinating stories to tell. Each of the buildings has a commentary outlining its origins and its history.

The book has over almost a hundred contemporary, full-colour photographs and a number of  original  pictures and illustrations.

You can  buy the book from all bookshops and from on-line retailers. It was published by Amberley Publications in October 2018, price £14.99.


Here is a brief introduction to the book from my YouTube Channel

Here is a link to the book on Amazon