Grave Tales From Wales – Volume Two

Volume Two of Grave Tales From Wales will continue to open unexpected windows into our past in the same way as Volume One. This time, there are thirty-five graves and memorials, each with their own unique story to tell. You will meet heroes and poets, you will confront tragedies and murders, injustice and sadness. But there are also great achievements, astonishing courage and humanity.

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Find out about the conspiracy that killed Llewellyn, Prince of Wales; about the women who fought at the battle of Waterloo; about the Gresford Mining Disaster; about William Jones, just seventeen and shot at dawn; about the man from Tenby who invented the equals sign; about Robert Owen, the greatest Welshman of them all. There is a bonus story too –  the extraordinary Cadoxton Murder Stone, displayed and explained.

The stories come from across the whole of Wales and from across a wide expanse of Welsh history. There are directions too, so that you can find these graves and make a physical connection with these remarkable stories and bring them alive once more. This is history that you can feel.

This book is the perfect companion, telling you thirty five remarkable stories you really want to know, but have never heard of. 
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