The Swansea Camel

A Rumsey Bucke Novella

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The Swansea Camel – A Swansea Nativity

It is Christmas Eve 1880 and Melchior, the camel from the travelling menagerie, has gone missing. It is Inspector Rumsey Bucke’s job to find it, but his investigations are disrupted by a series of peculiar events. Strange forces appear to be at work in the town.
Why is Frankie Starr being pursued by the three King brothers? Who has been stealing sheep on Townhill? What should they do about Nick the Holly? Who gave Gabriel those bagpipes? And is it true that in the chapel where Christmas Evans, Swansea’s  one-eyed preacher lies buried,  a young lonely woman is about to give birth?
And then answer the most important question of all?  Who was actually in one of those ships that came sailing in to Swansea on (almost) Christmas Day in the morning?

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Published exclusively by Amazon

72 pages
Kindle £1.99
Paperback £4.99