Welsh History Strange but True


Welsh History, Strange but True was published by History Press in 2014. It is a 188 page volume of oddities and peculiarities collected from across the strange tapestry of Welsh History. It begins somewhere around 230,ooo BC with the story of Neanderthal teeth discovered in Pontnewydd Cave in Denbighshire and ends in 1949 with the exciting news that the Holy Grail was placed in a bank vault in Cardigan for safe keeping (not in a cardigan  in a bank vault, obviously. That would never do.) In between those two events you will find hundreds of facts and stories which form an unusual history of Wales and the Welsh.

Find out about the first case of alien abduction in Wales – in Neath in 1856. Discover how America was, contrary to accepted opinion, named after a Welshman. What happened to Black Bart, Wales’ very own Pirate of the Caribbean? Which Welshman succeeded Al Capone as Public Enemy Number One in America in 1931?  Why were frogs put in paper bags in Cardiff in 1859? And what happened when Elizabeth Pulley married Anthony Rope in 1788? All this and more awaits you…

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