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Swansea Murders was published in 2013 by the History Press and has been an extremely popular title. The book examines 25 different murders or manslaughters within Swansea, the earliest described happened in 1730 and you may not be surprised to learn that it involved an argument between men in a pub. Stupidity, of course, is timeless.

The book ends with the disturbing story of the still-unsolved murder of Muriel Drinkwater in June 1946. It isn’t the only mysterious death. Perhaps the most perplexing of all remains the murder of Kate Jackson in Mumbles in 1929, the  inevitable culmination of a marriage between a congenital liar and a fantasist. It is a remarkable and gripping tale.

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The book is 126 pages and is fully illustrated.

This is Mamie Stuart. Murdered and dismembered in 1919. Her body was  discovered in Brandy Cove in 1961.Mamie 2 071161

There are 25 cases in the book. Some you may have heard of – others will be new to you. All are set in Swansea of course, though we do travel to Felindre for the story of the remarkable Murder Stone, which parallels the one in Cadoxton (pictured below)

If you would like to read a sample chapter from the book, you can find the terrible story of Guistina Macari on the blog. She was three years old when she was horribly murdered in 1941 and we should never forget her.
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There are two sections from the book that I have turned into Flip Books These are complete stories  that you can read, absolutely for free. You will find a list of available Flip Books ( I add to it quite frequently) in the menu at the top of the page and then scroll down until something takes your interest! Here are direct links to the two section from the book

The first is the link to the tragic story of Martha Nash from 1885


And the second is the Case of Henry Pelican from 1899


Here is a link to a brief YouTube presentation about the book


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  1. I would like to buy a copy of Swansea murder and the one of 104 Rodney Street Swansea also the lady of Mumbles could you let me know how I can purchase them please Thanks

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  2. Have you anything in an archive of a case in Plasmarl in the 1980s concerning a gentle man call LES PYART WHO APPARENTLY KILLED HIS WIFE AND THEN COMMITTED SUICIDE MANY THANKS

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