Patagonia Jacks

The fourth novel in the Rumsey Bucke series, new for October 2022

Patagonia Jacks is the new Rumsey Bucke novel, the fourth in the series. Published October 2022

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It is October 1882, and a much-anticipated Royal visit will, for a day, put Swansea at the heart of the Empire. It will also become Inspector Rumsey Bucke’s greatest challenge.
How can he protect the Prince of Wales when the town itself is not safe, when the shadow of revenge hangs over Swansea like a cloud? A haunting murder has suddenly been revived after almost fifty years, and the dark and twisted streets are, once more, full of old cruelties and secrets. No one can escape from their past; there is always a price to be paid.
But who will pay it?
The angry gravestone of Eleanor Williams has always promised justice. Vengeance is mine. I will repay, says the Lord. But it has been a long wait and what if He doesn’t repay? What then?  
Wherever Bucke turns, there is treachery and betrayal. Soon, his sense of loyalty will place both himself and Constance in terrible danger, for they will be required to risk everything for duty.

It has been described as An epic story of love, loss and betrayal. (Welsh Country Magazine)

The Rumsey Bucke Series so far

1 In Knives We Trust – in June 1880
2 Our Lady of Mumbles – in November 1880
3 The Swansea Camel (novella) Christmas Eve 1880
4 A Swansea Child – in February 1881
5. Patagonia Jacks – in October 1881

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