The Maja – 1945

My piece in Welsh Country Magazine for November 2017 looks at two graves side by side  in Holyhead, Anglesey. In the spirit of Remembrance and to reflect that World War Two was indeed a global conflict, I have written about two Chinese sailors who died whilst serving in our Merchant Navy. Ah Teng Lie was a Pantry Boy and Tsai Sin Ling served as a fireman on the Merchant Vessel ‘Maja,’ a tanker which left Swansea in 1945 for Belfast and Reykjavik. It was sunk when it was struck by a torpedo from U Boat 1055 off the coast of Ireland on Monday 15 January 1945.
It is important that when we honour those who have been lost in conflict, we also remember those from all over the world who died fighting in our forces, just like Ah Teng and Tsai Sin, who now lie buried by the side of a foreign sea.
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