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My novel In Knives We Trust is now available on Amazon. I don’t know how well it is doing, though I understand that the kindle version is selling quite well. But I have a request to make. If you are thinking of buying a copy could I ask you to consider buying directly from this website, especially since you are already here?
I match Amazon’s price and offer free p&p – or indeed free home delivery in Swansea. Books are signed and dedicated if required and the website takes secure payments from credit and debit cards as well as Paypal. I have a 100% success rate on all deliveries from website orders over the past 9 years.

I ask this because of Amazon’s terms. I use Amazon myself because they are efficient and I can buy things that I can’t find here in Swansea. But for an author the financial arrangements can be difficult. The books cost 30% of the cover price to produce. The publishers take 15%. Amazon take 60% – which as you can see adds up to 105% – so basically every copy I sell on Amazon costs me 5% of the cover price.

Buying from me will enable me to publish the second book in the series! Just click on the link  How to Buy at the top of this page

Buying from Amazon means that I shall have to eat my own clothes

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