Bedside Manners

I spend a lot of my time snuffling around  the damp undergrowth of the internet, like a pig looking for truffles. Sometimes  you find them and sometimes you don’t.  And  sometimes you can pick up a faint scent. Often it is fascinating stuff but it  doesn’t lead anywhere.  You know there is  a story there, but there isn’t quite enough.
As I have said before, a gravestone is  really important too. There is no point having a story but having no headstone.  That has been the central part of the project since we started . I have been  known to cheat when I have found a really good story. I did this with Martha  Nash from Swansea.  We know where she was buried but the grave itself has disappeared. It was such  a sad story I wanted to publish anyway. But generally there isn’t much point if  I haven’t got a headstone or a substantial story. But, as I say,  sometimes…
I came across this little story some months  ago. It comes from 1607, which means that a grave is almost an impossibility.  It might have survived if it was that of a nobleman, but the grave of an  ordinary person? No chance.

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