February Sale

I have plans to publish two new books this year. In the spring I intend to publish Volume Two of Grave Tales From Wales – 35 episodes from Welsh History, all inspired by a gravestone. The first volume has sold well, so why not? The next novel in the Rumsey Bucke series, Patagonia Jacks, should be published in the autumn. I am quite excited about that.

But before then I need to make space in which to store copies of these new books.
Hence the February sale.

If you use the code, THANKYOU, when prompted in the Shopping Cart, you will get a discount on anything that you order – there is no restriction on title or on the number of books you order. Try it and see! Just remember that the capital letters are important. The offer expires on 28 February 2022

Just go over to the Shopping cart in the menu or by clicking here

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