Flipbooks Now Available for Free

I have been turning some of my pieces into Flip books, and tere is now a list of those that are currently available on the Flip Book page in the menu.
You can access these stories without charge and in some cases download them for free to your own device, though I think you lose the Flip Book effect

At the moment you can find

The Robber’s Grave

The Welshman who fought (and died) with Custer

The Pontardawe Ripper


The Murder of Martha Nash

The Women of Mumbles Head

The Dunvant Explosion of 1902

Murder in St Thomas

Roy Paul

David Lord, VC

Arthur Linton

Thomas Heslop

John Thomas

Walter Bridger

The links to these pieces can be found on the Flip Book page – find it in the menu or click here

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