Getting Ready for Christmas 2018

Welcome to December. It is time to get your gifts sorted – and there is no better gift  than a book.  Click here to go to the How To Buy Page  where you can buy copies of all my books.
I have had two new books published in October of this year. One is Swansea in 50 Buildings (click here to find out more details of the book) which provides a visual insight into the history of the town and city.

The other was my first novel – In Knives We Trust . Click here to find out more about the book.

Swansea in 50 Buildings book is cheaper than anywhere else and the copies of In Knives We Trust are advance copies, available now, before official publication in January 2019
You can buy them on the How to Buy Page. All cards are accepted or you can pay using Pay Pal.
All books are signed and I can dedicate them as required. They are dispatched promptly and often delivered by hand to addresses in Swansea. In fact I will gift wrap books and deliver them to addresses in Swansea right up to the afternoon of Christmas Eve. Just ask when you order or reply to the confirmation I will send you.

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