Gwenllian – the Warrior Princess

My piece in the May edition 2019 of Welsh Country Magazine is about Gwenllian the Welsh Warrior princess – a beautiful wife and mother, defending her people in the great revolt of 1136 and the only known example of a medieval woman leading an army of Welshmen into battle. She has no grave. Her two sons died with her in the battle and she was summarily executed, her severed head displayed, held aloft by her beautiful bloodstained curls. She is remembered in the name of the field where she died a little way upstream from Kidwelly, along the Gwendraeth river that curls around the foot of the castle, and by a modern memorial outside Kidwelly castle, unveiled by Gwynfor Evans in 1991. It stands there defiantly, as if confronting the bulk of the Norman castle before it.

Read the full story in the magazine.

The magazine is available in newsagents and supermarkets across Wales. £2.95

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