January 2012

It has been a busy and in some ways an unexpected start to the New Year. Visitor totals have remained at a high level, with particular interest being shown in Robert Everett and Hedd Wyn, as always.
The piece in the Welsh Country Magazine this month was about Charles Rolls, of Rolls Royce fame, who is buried in the churchyard attached to his home, near Monmouth.

The sadness of a funeral of an old teaching colleague has brought me in touch with many old friends from my days in Dillwyn Llewelyn in the 1980s. But I have also been in touch with an old pupil and friend, Angela Warne-Payne, who is currently doing some work for the Network for whom I work. It has been really good seeing her and the years have fallen away in the conversations we have had, taking us both back into the past. Of course now she is far more interested in her own children – Bea, Dan and Chloe –  but it is good to know she still looks back on her time in school with some affection.

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