Lake Vyrnwy

This month Welsh Country Magazine has returned in printed form and you can buy it in supermarkets and newsagents across Wales, as well as on-line for just £2.95!
My piece in the September edition examines the memorial at Lake Vrynwy in Powys which remembers the 44 men who died during the construction of this beautiful reservoir between 1880 and 1890. At the time it was the largest artificial reservoir in Europe and it still provides Liverpool with most of its fresh water – 54 million gallons a day, powered by gravity, travels along 68 miles of pipes.
Sitting beneath the water is the drowned village of Llanwddyn.

You can find out more in the magazine – or in my book 50 Gems of Mid Wales, Go to the How To Buy page for more details by clicking on the link in the menu above

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