Larceny at the Rose and Crown – 1906

Here is some news from The Cambrian Newspaper of 2 February 1906, 111 years ago today.

At Swansea on Wednesday Catherine Williams, a charwoman and widow of Wychtree Street, Morriston was charged with stealing a large quantity of wearing apparel, value £3 15s. 6d, property of Ruby Fetters, the Rose and Crown Inn, Morriston.
A remand was asked for as the landlady of the house had died, and the police had not been able to prepare their case. Katie Collins, servant, identified the articles in the possession of the police as the property of her late mistress. The defendant had been in the house last Monday.
P.C. Evans called on Mrs Williams and informed her that things were missing. She denied having taken anything but the articles were found in the house. She was remanded for a week. There is another charge of stealing a tablecloth, a bed sheet, and a box from the same premises, belonging to Mrs. Hughes.
In court Catherine Williams denied having taken anything. The sheets had been found in her house in a box and there had been was no attempt to conceal anything. The box was not locked. She earned her living by taking in washing and cleaning and had been doing the washing for the Rose and Crown for some time and usually did it in her own house. ‘On the day Mrs. Fetters died, the house was in a good deal of confusion.’ She saw the articles she was accused of stealing on the landing and took them home to wash.
The magistrates chose not to believe her and fined Mrs Williams 20 shillings.

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