Llywelyn Fawr

My piece in the July 2019 edition of Welsh Country Magazine is about one of the great treasures of Wales, the sarcophagus of Llywelyn Fawr , who for a short time in the twelfth century was the ruler of most of Wales.
You can find it in the Gwydir Chapel of St Grwst’s Church in Llanrwst in the Conwy Valley in north Wales. You can find the magazine in newsagents and supermarkets across Wales.

I must however bring to your attention an error on Page 8 of the otherwise excellent magazine, where there is an insert in the photograph of St Grwst’s Church at the bottom which shouldn’t be there. The small picture of a stone with the words, ‘Near this spot was killed our Prince Llewelyn, 1282,’ is inaccurate.
It refers, of course, to Prince Llewelyn, who was the grandson of Llywelyn Fawr. 
Llewelyn, the last true Prince of Wales, was tricked and assassinated near Cilmeri in Mid Wales on 11 December 1282. He was probably killed by Adam de Fronton in an ambush and his head was taken away and displayed on a pole at the Tower of London. The memorial stone you can see in the picture remembers his death.
Don’t worry! Prince Llewelyn will feature in a piece in the Stories in Stone series very soon!

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