More news about Robert Everett (1901 – 1942)

One of the popular pages on the website concerns Robert Everett which you can find in the Shorter Tales section on the menu. Alternatively you can click on this link and the page will open in a new window.

Robert Everett DSO (1901 – 1942) is buried in Llanddona in Anglesey and he had a remarkable career as a WW2 pilot flying a single-use catapult-launched Hurricane fighter – a “Hurricat” or a “catafighter.” It was essentially the world’s first rocket-propelled fighter which was launched from ships to protect Allied merchant convoys. He was also a winning Grand National jockey in 1929. I find it to be a fascinating and unexpected story.

Since I first wrote the piece, a fuller picture is emerging of his life and career as a result of the contributions I have received from other people, including family relatives. You can see these at the bottom of the page in the comments section. On this occasion I have received messages from Michael Traynor and from Sarah Heaton. I would like to thank both of them for the important contributions they have made.

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