Our Lady of Mumbles. Now available

I am delighted to announce that Our Lady of Mumbles is now available to pre-order from this website. The publication date is in mid November but I am accepting pre-publication orders at a reduced rate. The recommended retail price is £14.99 but if you order before Friday 20 November 2020 you will pay only £10 to include free delivery. After that date the price will be increased, probably to £11.50.

The second crime novel in the Inspector Rumsey Bucke series finds him investigating a dangerous and murderous apocalyptic religious cult, ‘Our Lady of Mumbles.’ The action takes place five months after the events in the successful In Knives We Trust.

It is published by Cambria Books and has 350 pages.
If you want to find out more about the book then click on this link which will take you to the Our Lady of Mumbles page
If you want to go straight to the How to Buy page, then click here.
Of course you can also use the menu

There is also a special offer available. If you want to buy Our Lady of Mumbles and In Knives we Trust then you can buy them together for £17.

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