Rotten Rabbit

Here is another small item from the pages of the Cambrian newspaper published in Swansea throughout most of the nineteenth century

July 1875

You will be pleased to learn that the Inspectors of Nuisances for the Swansea urban Sanitary Authority buried the creature in the rubbish heaps near the Old Infirmary.

It was a rabbit and it had been seized in Swansea Market as unfit for human consumption. Anne Fewiness had it for sale on her stall. It was apparently in the most offensive condition. And whilst there are those who llike to hang their game for a while, this was putrescent.

She was fined 16 shillings and we are reminded that the seizure prevented it reaching and poisoning some poor family who would have bought it for a small sum. And presumably a family without a sense of smell.

The newspaper applauds the role of the heroic sanitary officers in keeping offensive rabbits away from the public and rages against the guilty trickery of some Swansea sale people.

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