Swansea Library – and a Serious Charge against a Brother-in-Law.

I would just like to thank everyone who turned up to my talk in Swansea library on Saturday 1 November 2014. There was a good audience and everyone was very friendly and apparently interested in what I had to say. The talk was called “10 Things about Swansea that you didn’t know yesterday.” Here below is a summary of one of the stories – the story of Thomas Rowe and his sister in law from the Cambrian Newspaper.

SERIOUS CHARGE AGAINST A BROTHER-IN- LAW.—Thomas Rowe was charged with criminally assaulting a woman named Elizabeth Thomas. Complainant stated that the defendant was her brother-in-law.

Between six and seven o’clock on the previous evening she went to her sister’s house. There was no one in, but the door being open she walked into the house. In the inside room, which was used as a bedroom, she put her baby on the bed, and, lying down beside it, she fell asleep. She was awakened by the prisoner committing the offence. In reply to the magistrates’ clerk (Mr. Jenkin Jones) the woman said Rowe was very drunk, and that she also was drunk. He thought it was his wife…


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