The Bleeding Stone of Adulam

This time my piece in the January Edition of Welsh Country Magazine didn’t require me to travel very far. It is a story from the east side of Swansea, from Adulam Chapel on Cefn Road in Bonymaen. It tells the story of the Phillips sisters – Phoebe 14, Emma 12 and Amelia 7 who went down to the sea at Port Tennant to pick mussels on 15 August 1870. Tragically they were stranded on a sandbank by the incoming tide and were drowned.

The last that was seen of them was their little hands and arms waving wildly about above the surface of the water as they floated away in the distance and were ultimately submerged and drowned.

The shore was lined with people who watched, unable to help. Is it any wonder their grave stone appears to bleed?

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