The Pontardawe Ripper Update

Some clarification is needed I think following the publication of my article in The South Wales Evening Post about The Pontardawe Ripper earlier this week. The newspaper suggested that the story was taken from a new publication and in so doing created some confusion. I can confirm that there is no book about the Pontardawe Ripper in spite of what it said at the end of the article. What I wrote is a new piece entirely- it doesn’t appear in any of my other books and there are currently no plans to include it in any other publication in the near future. It is a stand-alone piece of writing, which came about when I read of the death of Twm Lott in Broadmoor in December 1955. He’d been the oldest inmate  and had died aged 85 after spending 67 years inside. It is a grim and shocking story.
There have apparently been a number of phone calls to the Library by people trying to track the book down. The Library have, in turn, been in touch with me to ask where it is. Sadly no such book exists at the moment. Sorry.

If you would like to read the article then click on this link here and you will find the full version, not the edited one that the newspaper printed

Follow this link which will open in a new window.
Thanks to Jason O’Brien for his brilliant illustration which captures the chilling heart of the story.

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