Violet Charlesworth

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I have written about the fraudster Violet Charlesworth, who faked her own death in 1909 to escape her creditors. You can read all about her in a new post you can access on the Flip Book page on this website. Click on Flipbooks in the menu – or click here.
Then find Violet in the list and use the link.


  1. Hi Geoff, I saw your name attached to my article in the St Asaph City Times April issue. I have been researching Violet Charlesworth for 2 years-ish for a book – alongside other work, and 90+ articles saved (and read) on BNA, but have not come across this information – the details of a tea party at The Ship Inn during the re-enactment of the motor accident. AlsoI did not know anything about a shop in Rhyl which the Charlesworths had /worked in, mentioned in your Violet flip book story . I’ve just checked issues -8 Jan & 15 Jan 1909 The North Wales Weekly News which you used for your research. Any chance that you have these details and/or the date of issues or if the info was found elsewhere. I do like you flip book – not come across that before. My father and grandfather worked at Mond Nickel Co many moons ago, and Dylan Thomas’s father taught my father English by at Swansea Grammar. Just asserting my Welsh credentials. Best wishes from Dee La Vardera , Calne, Wiltshire – where Violet Charlesworth leased ‘Woodlands’ which she renamed ‘The Hall’.

  2. This was an ancestor of mine. !
    Story told down generations

    Her mother Miriam Charlesworth was
    The sister of my great grandfather x 2
    She was involved too. After prison they went to London
    Violet ( real name May) was alive in 1921 census, can’t trace Miriam
    Fascinating story

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