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Ambrose_BierceI have spent a couple of days updating the website. You might not notice the changes but I have combined all the websites I had into one to make managing the content easier. It is less cumbersome and some of the material isn’t quite as buried away as it used to be. Buried is an appropriate word too since I have been able to resurrect (as they say) a piece I wrote some time ago about The Resurrectionists – or body snatchers. I have teamed it up with a very good short story by one of my favourite American writers –  One Summer Night by Ambrose Bierce. It is an early horror story and still makes me smile. You can find it by following this link – which should open in a new window. Click here if you want to read it – The Resurrectionists. The Ambrose Bierce story One Summer Night  – is at the bottom of the page. The opening sentence is a joy…

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