A visit to Down to Earth

I had a very good visit to the Down to Earth Project in Murton this morning. It is an excellent place. I used to go there when I was working but I haven’t been back since I retired properly. It has always been a fantastic provision and helps so many groups and individuals. It operates as a social enterprise and works with Homeless groups, Asylum Seekers, victims of domestic abuse as well as with disadvantaged learners. They have a number of sites now, including a remarkable centre at Little Bryn Gwyn in Cilibion in Gower, built sustainably by groups of young people. It was good to see Mark and some of the  team and the lovely sunshine was an added bonus . I am including one of its traditionally cob-built buildings on the Murton site in my next book Swansea in 50 Buildings.

Here is their website. www.downtoearthproject.org.uk

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