Mumbles Pier Public Conveniences

When the sun shines we go out to take photographs for Swansea in Fifty Buildings, to be published by Amberley in October 2018. Amongst yesterday’s joys, we visited the toilets at the end of Mumbles Pier, built in 1898 and a Grade 2 Listed Building. Something to be treasured – and such a well arranged facility too,  with discreet entrances, girls on the left, boys on the right. How could I possibly leave it out?

In an unusual development, this particular post – which I had forgotten about – has been getting a lot of visits in recent days. All from London. Thank you for coming to the website, whoever you are – assuming you are not a bot of course. I am pleased you have found something of interest here.
Of course, there are other things to discover – my novels for example and my book, Swansea Murders
But what you might like to consider is my new book – Grave Tales From Wales. It contains thirty short articles, each one a little bit of history and, in many cases, a forgotten piece of history too.
You can find a page about the book in the menu – or you can click here

And if you want to buy one then head to the How To Buy page.

Here is a brief presentation about the book that I have posted on YouTube which you might find interesting. It isn’t very long.

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