So you won’t talk?

I was researching in the Library yesterday and found an envelope in West Glamorgan Archives which contained Public Information leaflets. It contained a wonderful document called “So you won’t Talk” from the beginning of the Second World War.

So You Won't Talk?

It contains useful advice on how to resist interrogation at the hands of the Germans and outlines some of the pesky tricks they might employ. They might pretend to be your friend, they might say that he knows the area where you come from


Be careful

The leaflet goes on to advise that if you are in hospital they might send a man to see you who has “all the charm of a vacuum cleaner salesman. He doesn’t talk about the war; he cracks a few jokes, let’s it leak out that he is anti-Nazi…gradually the conversation veers round to the war.”


I shall keep this document close by me always.


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