The Dunvant Explosion of 1902

I have made a slight change to this page. If you want to read about the unexpected Dunvant Explosion in 1902, then click on the link below. You can then read it as a flip book, and if you so wish, you can download the article, though you will lose the clever flip book effects.

If you prefer you can scan this QR code which should take you to the flip book

This awful story appears in my book A-Z of Swansea where it features as D is for the Dunvant Explosion. I do not have any copies of the book for sale on my website. However you can still find it in bookshops ( I have seen it recently in Smiths in Swansea.)
It is also available from Amazon

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And – just in case you are interested – here is a link where you can listen to me reading an extract from Chapter 20 of my novel Our Lady of Mumbles and watch a selection of images.


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